4 Ways to Succeed as a Post-Retirement Entrepreneur

Van Thomas has a young business. His self-named hair care line, Van Thomas Concepts, launched in March of 2013 when Thomas was a mature 63 years of age. Thomas is just one of many examples of baby boomers who are choosing post-retirement entrepreneurism. After a career spanning more than three decades developing hair-care products for well-known, established brands, Thomas decided to use his industry and product knowledge and develop his own product line.

Fort Worth, Texas-based entrepreneur George Harmon wanted to use his retirement to pursue a different career path. The former heavy-equipment mechanic developed MySleev – an arm towel used by mechanics and athletes to wipe the sweat off their brow without using their hands. “When you work with heavy tools, it takes a toll on your body. I was excited to do something different,” he says of his post-retirement drive for entrepreneurism.

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