The Coach Approach

A Unique Approach to Planning

We believe our approach to financial planning is different from anything else you’ve ever seen. First, it isn’t really planning at all. It is designed to be a coaching program that allows the client to better understand their money with regard to their own personal financial objectives and move in a direction that is suitable to them. In our experience, most people don’t have a portfolio problem–rather, most portfolios have a people problem!

The Coach Approach is based, not on stock picking, market timing, or any of the other Wall Street gimmicks that have been proven not to work, rather it is based on sound, Nobel Prize-winning, academic methodologies combined with good common sense.

Easy as ABC: The Financial ABC’s of Retirement Planning is a new model, designed to be simple to use and understand. It is a client-centric approach that is designed to identify what aspects of money and financial planning are important to you and provide an easy road map to follow in order to get there.

Each type of money–liquid, income, and risk-growth–is examined. The underlying benefits and costs associated with holding each are clearly defined. You will understand what attributes support each type of money, and which attributes do not. For example, while the rate of return would be nice for the liquid money, it’s not what drives it. Safety, dependability and availability are what you are looking for. Rate of return is crucial, however, for your growth money. This money must have rates of return that outweigh the risk taken, along with outside economic forces such as inflation, taxes and fees.

The ABC Model is a systematic approach that focuses on a process, rather than a transactional approach. It is considered a conservative investing model.

What is Conservative Investing?

Conservative investing is long-haul, core investing with just the right amount of risk tailored to your temperament. Conservative Investing is not “fad” investing or chasing the flavor of the day, it is life in the slow lane so you can sleep at night investing.


Investing vs. Gambling

Based on Webster’s Dictionary…To Invest means to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return. Gamble means to play a game for money or property, to bet on an uncertain outcome, or to stake something on a contingency: take a chance. What definition is more in line with today’s investment strategies, or Wall Street’s approach? The answer is Gambling.

A Need for a New Model or Paradigm of Investing

The “M” times:


Looking back historically you would see something totally different than what you see today from about 2008 to current time. Even going back to the early 90’s. We live in very turbulent times and gambling is now the norm vs. something that used to be looked down upon.

Also, information is traveling at the exponential speed of the latest and greatest technology. So the old model of Wall Street is no longer valid and has proven to not work during very difficult and volatile times. If you look at the graphs you will see a lot of “M’s”. Welcome to the “M” times!

Don’t go back to the traditional Wall Street approach, it is a broken culture that is designed to steal your wealth, not create it. Regain control over your investments and assets so that you no longer have to worry about opening statements, being uncertain, or nervous about what to do…come to Safety First and let us help you with your own ABC plan. It is easy, fun, and simple to understand…but most of all you will be confident that you have a plan designed for you and not Wall Street.